Wednesday, July 15, 2009

V-snap : Broga Hill - Part 1

Ok... I will write this post with my broken english. Because it is faster for me to type in chinese (pinyin) . I am lazy to type.

Well, this is the 1st outing for V-snap.
The location is Broga Hill, Semenyih.
I went there with Beng Wai. And meet up with 20+ bloggers there. 95% of them write their blog in chinese.. I am alien, coz i write my blog with broken English all the time. XD

I am the FIRST car to reach the entrance of Broga Hill. Itz around 5.10am . (start my journey from Klang around 4.15am)
When the group came at 5.45am, we told them we are first, and waited them for 30mins+ . But damn, they thought we are joking. hahahahaha
And there is a rescue team there. They told us 1 man, 1 woman, with 4 dogs lost in this hill 1 day before we went there. I think they went to the wrong way. But Thanks God, I read from newspaper 2 days ago. They are safe, they came out from the hill with 4 dogs after more than 24 hours they went in.

Broga Hill is getting famous nowadays. A lot of people went there. For jungle treking, take photo and etc... Sinced I went there twice, so I give some guide to our group member. Coz most of them never been here. It is tired, but I enjoyed it very much. =)

Snap very less photos during this outing. Played and joke too much. hahaha
I will update others shoots in few days time. Going to start my teacher's life tomorrow! haha
Wish me luck dude!

Click here for the video: Part 1 and Part 2. (Created by 小彭 )

See.. Have to line-up to go up and go down!

Amazing parents. They brought their children up!

Stay tune for more shoot. XD


小澤 (DSvT) said...

Wow, Started to post liao...

Akira 思胜 said...

Hehe, i just wanna start to write nia...

Siu KeOnG said... few only???

嘉CacinG進 said...

huh??!! goy part 2 liao ah??! XD

xuanz said...

i came ^^ hehe..
wait ur part2 lo..
but i think u busy to update bah?!
nvm,i wait..xD

Kuntong said...

Guys.... wait la...i will update 2moro.. hahaha

♥Qu|ncy said...

waiting ur part 2 ..
ding d0ng ~~~~~~~~~~~

hibiscus 晶 said...

A lot of people!!!

whlai86 said...

drop by... nice to meet u oh!!! thanks for ur guide that day... hehe, waiting for ur 2nd part...

and good luck for ur work too