Saturday, July 4, 2009

Win or Die.

Sinced all of u are so "hardworking" .
Ok la... The last game.
The last game I play as a Btboyzz.
The last game I be the useless captain.
The last game I be the fcking useless striker.
The last game I wear the no.10 jersey.
We lose tomorrow!
After this game, all of u are free on Sunday.
No more football call from Shangzun or my fcking handphone number.
U wan go dating, go CC, sleep, tfk or whatever. Go ahead and enjoy.
Dissapointed, seriously.
I cant see our passion, cant see our real style, our attitude anymore.
It is gone. All gone.
For those who are turning up tomorrow morning. Thanks... Thanks a lot.
Let us fight. We no need their support.
We just play our part. Play our heart out.
Win the game and shut their fcking mouth.


hibiscus 晶 said...

Ya,dont care the result first put in ur 100%!

BoEy said...

yoyo..GAMBATEK^^ i try u best..

kimhaur said...


dart said...

walaoei u...zz