Friday, August 8, 2008


Location: Bandar Botanic, Klang
Model: Yiky
Photograph by: David Goh ( Kun )
took many photos tat day. so, tis is the others shoot i took ..
any photographer need her to be ur model please contact me!
Only RM50 per hour for outdoor photo shooting. XD
Enjoy and comment.





LOVE this shoot!




Charles Key said...

Great Job Kun, u're improving vr vr fast. great job on the last second one.

Kuntong said...

no fast la...
anyway..thanks for ur sweet comment! =)

reannqin said... i am
ur model so cute eh
nice pose model too =)
what lens u using?

Kuntong said...

i using 18-55mm kit lens only..
no enuf money to buy 50mm 1.8 yet..hehe

Charles Key said...

since kit lens have quite large distortion, you can make use of it.

try putting it at 18mm, then go close to human face, go vr vr close, the face will become vr round and distort..

also can try go near, but shoot from top, the legs of the person will become small...hehe

happy trying..:)

K3ViN said...

wah nice picture... Nice work....

Kuntong said...

Charles, thnx for those information. =)

Kuntong said...

Thanks, Kevin! =)

Chobits said...

EHEM!! You are starting your business already har? Since i am your blog fan, can shoot for free? Haha~ XD

p/s: no doubt pic are fantastic

Chobits said...

OOps i have the wrong information, i thought u said who wan u to shoot nice pic RM50 per hour. But then you are promoting the model!! So bad la u, what if bad guys take her out for other pic shooting? Too bad too bad, gonna tell her to be careful of u. Aiks~

Kuntong said...

aiyo.. i will follow the guy who take her for photo shooting 1 ma..LOL

hey..seriously, i can shoot for free.. =)
(coz still learning ma.. hehe..)