Sunday, August 3, 2008


went KLCC today with dad and bro. and meet my sis thr (stay in Wangsa Maju).
my dad are going thr to buy my sis a laptop! (i also want!!! envy la~ haha )
u know la.. with family members. i vry shy to shoot the pretty showgirls thr. wat a waste! =( *but managed to get few shoots of lenglui la * XD

will upload those photos vry soon. sabar~ hehehek

the best part is 1 of the showgirl talk to me. gave me her e-mail address. coz she wan me to send her photos to her.. hehehehek

my sister bought a DELL Inspiron 1420 .

her artwork

i bought many things too!
and i saw MANY HOLE in my POCKET too~

50pcs of DVD- RM26
50pcs of CD-R- RM20
1pc SanDisk 4GB SD Card- RM55
3pcs SanDisk 2GB SD Card- RM32
1pc SanDisk 8GB Pendrive- RM82
2pcs SanDisk 4GB Pendrive- RM44
1pc DNA 2GB Mini SD- RM30
1pc 160GB External HDD- RM178

*no much time to walk around. tats y cnt get the lowest price* BROKE now~

after having lunch in Wangsa Maju and sent sis bck bring us to Kolam Air Panas Selayang. haha

thr got 3 pools with differrent water temperature.2 of it was veyr very HOT!

but some of thm still dare to use those water to shower.

it is a nice place for those who are having skin problems.

The End


Akira 思胜 said...

Wah, u really rich lar, so expensive and u spent lots lar...

Kuntong said...

not rich la...
coz need it ma..
u know de la..everytime gt sumthng cheap..ppl sure sapu many many 1 ma.. hehek

K3ViN said...

wah buy quite alot of thing wor :P but i feel the price abit expensive liao lor... i can get cheap 4 the memory card as i use the same memory as urs.... SD right?

Kuntong said...

ya..i know..
but wat can do..coz i hv to buy fast..hv no much time to survey the price

K3ViN said...

i mean i can buy it 4 u as i have fren supply those stuff. ifu wan just inform me... i try 2 get the price 4 u n u decide it.... i remember i get 1GB SD memory 4 my sister is around RM22 is i no mistaken lah. Worth right? but now mostly ppl use more the 2GB lor :P

Chobits said...

Wa~buy a lot wor. But i dunno whether it's cheap or expensive, no knowledge in pc. XD
Your sis drawing very nice ler, i think ur family members are all suitable for act field. ^^