Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pudu Plaza + Putra Jaya + Merdeka Countdown

  • 11am+ , take KTM to KL Central.. im going to Pudu Plaza to collect my battery grip for my D40 + a Large Camera Bag
  • the KTM i took frm Klang to KL Central hv no air-cond! damn... sweating & hard to breath

  • take Monorail to Imbi, walk to Pudu Plaza (i duno the way, jz ask ppl and simply hit around)

  • finally i reach Pudu Plaza, and.....sweating like HELL

  • get the Battery Grip + Bag frm Digitalsmania and straightly go bck without drop by anywhere

  • feel bored at night. i go Putra Jaya. wan to countdown & shoot firework

  • Damn, 10.30pm. the police thr announced NO ANY COUNTDOWN ACTIVITY 2NITE. damn... im so dissapointed...

  • forgot to bring tripod somemore. hard to take night pics. sigh

  • after 12am, go bck.....
  • cnt feel the Merdeka mood



hey hey HAPPY MERDEKA 2 u too =) ~lolx~sorry cant view ur chatbox duno y~so i leave a commen here~heheee

Akira 思胜 said...

Wow, nice pics over there!!!

Adrian said... rich lately. bought grip, batteries and another bag ~ ^^

Kuntong said...

akira, Thanks! =)

Adrian, no banck acc no money liao... charm

K3ViN said...

soo poor..... but aleast u didnt stay at home during Merdeka eve lor.....

Kuntong said...

if stay home i will die..
i love to go out!!!

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