Sunday, August 10, 2008

ADIDAS - King Of The Road @ Shah Alam

yesterday i ask about my running number frm dad. tat moment only he know im not register for this race. Damn!
Mr.D didn register for me... sigh
anyway, 1 of my father's friend cnt turn up for this race, so i took his number and run. hehe
but wasted la.. cnt get the RM59.50 mia Adidas running vest with RM20 registration fee. haiz...
i finished the 10km wit 64mins! hehehehe
quite good for me.. coz long time didn training liao..
summore Shah Alam 10km vry tough.. many hill.
but, get certificate nia..NO MEDAL. (already know before the race la...haha)
Adidas..haiz..bad la...
i saw many top runner in 7km category took the wrong way la...
WHY no ppl to guide thm 1? WHY? Adidas also can make tis kind of mistake in a big event?? what la..
those runner really poor la.. run longger thn ppl, till the end, get NOTHING.
if thy run the right way, thy are in TOP 10 u know???
and 1 more... whn thr is still a lot of runner no yet finish.
thy already hv the lucky draw! hey MAN! if those runner still running, but thy get the lucky draw, HOW????
stupid! u better keep all the prize la... BODOx!
Hopefully, the coming Adidas run will be better! dunwan to see those stupid mistakes in big event again.....

Haza - Running Mom
Kenya sapu habis the Top3 in Men & Women Open Half Marathon

Look at the photographer! hahaha..he is my DAD! @.@

Posing with Menteri Besar Selangor!
Nike: dun leave me here!
*didn bring my baby D40. jz bring my Kodak 12x zoom cam.*



K3ViN said...

wah... my fren also join this race....... i dont think u will spot him lor....... he also a blogger lor.... but tat good also u got a cert lor :P

Akira 思胜 said...

10km in 64mins? Quite fast ah!!! Congratz!!!

Chobits said...

I WANT TO RUN~ but too bad that day i went to Genting..T_T You sambil run sambil take photo ar? Geng, still can finish 10km in 64 minutes, pui fuk!

Kuntong said...

Akira, no fast la.. my personal best is 51mins. haha

Kuntong said...

Kevin, yalo.. i never c him..sure cnt spot him ma

Kuntong said...

Chobits, haiyo.. u go de race, i didn go. i go de race, u didn go pula..haiz...
Penang Bridge run held on November la..wan go? hehek
i didn bring camera during running.. i took all the photo after my run

minshi.meow said...

my dad would make the exactly same pose to take pics too!!
No matter how ugly how difficult the pose is,he'll still determine with it! Just to get nice shot! XDDD