Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rest Day

the clock showing 4.01pm.
yes, tats right. im infront of my pc and online?
wahahaha..something cnt happen during working day.

the reason y im here now:
i OT last night, till 4.30am. (goshh...damn tired! working 18.5hrs!!!)
thn i lazy to go bck. jz sleep in office. continue working at 8am today.
thn i bck home at noon! (enjoying my rest day *just half day* )

ok, about my Nikon D40.
i thnk only my dad and bro know about it.
still dare not to tell my mum. hahax
so, i only can try out my camera in my bedroom.
anyway, im going to Genting with family and cousins tis Saturday.
so, my First outing with my laopo D40 will be in Genting.. hehehehehek

oh ya...
i duno which item should i buy 1st for my D40.

1. Battery grip (but my finger very short nia, still nid battery grip? )
2. Spare battery
3. 3rd party speedlight
4. 50mm 1.8
5. 55-200mm
6. Backpack

any idea?


Akira 思胜 said...

Hmm, how about get a backpack 1st? Safety precaution for your camera mar...

TINTIN said...

Hii..i suggest you a 50mm1.8 lens, extra battery and CF card might help... I just use my Nike backpack at first and put a towel in it to protect the camera..hahaa!!

KOKahKOK said...

i use towel as well! hehe...in my nike laptop backpack heheh

but u have bag d ma...save that money 1st

Kuntong said...

wow.. good idea frm tintin & kokahkok..
jz gt an extra battery..hehe

K3ViN said...

hope u enjoy ur trip.. snap pictute 4 us 2 c.... i will update my blog soon.......

Charles Key said...

Fulamak, all the stuff u wan to buy is things I wan to buy too...

I got the 50 1.8 d,
My next target is 3rd party flash, then battery, then 55-200, then battery grip(If it exist), then backpack, then Manfrotto tripod..hehe

It seems tht we got the same target..hehe

Charles Key said...

I found the battery grip d, If u're using external flash, then u might need grip, cz flash is quite heavy.