Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Damn lahhhhhh DAMN!

damn..writing tis post in cyber cafe. (i hate to come here, i HATE smokers!)
my streamyx cnt gt d connection since last night. today still d same.
gosh...i really cnt live without Streamyx!
already report to TM, hope will get the connection bck asap.

and 1 more thing, my sim card!
cnt found the Digi Centre last nite. wasted my petrol...haha
and go again today, found it, but DAMN, already TUTUP! sighhhhhhh...
will go again tomoro to replace my simcard. hope can make it...



K3ViN said...

adoi..... ur place dont have digi center? i tot u can go 2 jasco bukit tinggi... So where u go? klang one? streamyx like tat one lor...... Do u make sure u have pay ur bill? Hope u get back ur connection soon lor :P

Kuntong said...

yup. i went jusco bt 2day. and replaced the sim card d.
i got pay ah..TM cm to fix eady..but now im on9 using my sis's pc.
i thnk my pc got virus or wat problm..sigh

Kate Tay said...

i like those pictures.. colourful ones.. can u send me one to put in my blog?... =p

Kate Tay said...

can u choose one that is suitable for my blog.. thx.. =)

Chobits said...

So pity ar~
If your pc got virus then u need to format liao oh.
I think will be ok soon ba, no worries ya. Waiting to see more nice photos lor, hehe~ >.<