Sunday, July 13, 2008

I get the Adidas Backpack!

i sleep at 2.30am, have to wake up at 5.30am follow daddy go Taman Rakyat jogging..then take part in a charity run called-
Larian Kemanusian Tabung Bencana Nargis & Sichuan

but, i am too tired and keep sleep after my dad awake me at 5.40am.
luckily, i wake up at 6.45am! haha.. quickly brush teeth, and put my contact lens on. thn rush to Taman Rakyat for the charity run.

i register there and donated RM10 only...haha
i got a lucky draw number- 0037
never bother about it..and i also duno charity run also got lucky draw 1..hahaha
then, the run gun-off at 8am sharp.
thy say only 3km, so, i jz try to run as fast as i could. but, very tired. coz long time never run liao...haha
after the run, all of thm said it is not 3km. it is longer thn tat .(tats y la.. i run like hell. hahahahx)
i finished the run wit Ms Khoo =) *whn im going to overtake her at 200meters before the finishing line, she ask me dun do tat.and ask me to finish it with her together..and yes, i did. XD . hahaha*

im in white shirt! hahax. which 1? LOLX

after make the U-turn!

after the run finish. a pretty sweet lady blocked me and ask whether can have a short interview with me or not. haha. for sure, the answer is NO PROBLEM! haha

she is from Bernama News. too bad, after the run im still blurr. i answered her question like crap... dun care la... maybe my face gonna show in tv or any local newspaper soon.. or maybe NO. hahahhaha

after tat, Lucky Draw time arrived! it was about 30 hampers, 5 Figo's Shoe Bag, 4 Lotto Backpack, and 4 Adidas backpack.

only got 100+ people thr.. i think i had a big chance to win something..

but, hampers finished, shoe bags finished, lotto bags finished, adidas bags left one. *im thinking- habis liao less ppl i also have no LUCK to win any item! *

ok, the last number for the lucky draw! the guys called 003.....

i shouted 7. becoz my number is 0037. and every1 are nervous, coz tis Adidas Backpack worth RM100+ . and YES!!!!!


goooooooossssssssshhhhhh! it is my number! woooooohoooo.. i put up my hand and shouted " Yessssssssssss!!! " in the public... hahahhaha..really, tat is not me. im gone crazy tat moment! hahahaha

the fellow said i won, coz i wearing Adidas shirt tat moment ma..hahahhax.

damn damn Happy! coz i won the Grand Prize! hahahahhahax

balik rumah happily... and im going to Greenbox sing K with my colleagues. manatahu Lye have to go office do, our plan called off...=(

anyway, im still very happy today! wooooaaaahahahaha..

have Dimsum as lunch with my family. yea..Josephine come bck d.

after finish the Dimsum, go eat the Klang's most famous Cendol and Mee Rojak.

ok, finish. exhausted coz too happy. time to have a nap. =)

The End.


Akira 思胜 said...

Congratulations to u ya!!! Hehe... I never hit a lucky draw before neh...

K3ViN said...

wah soo lucky nia....... so how was ur handphone sim card now? i try 2 sms u but i got a fail report lor :P

Kuntong said...


Kuntong said...

no yet go Digi centre yet la brother..
wait few more days. hope im free to go thr and get a new simcard.

K3ViN said...

sure... tat ok... take ur time..... no rushing lor..... u just let me know when u have replace ur sim card lor....

Tau Sar Phneah said...


so lucky

Chobits said...

Why never ask me join?? I want to win lucky draw too!! Sob..T_T
So lucky la you! Congrats! I won one hamper from company dinner before, hehe~
May i know who is taking pic of you guys? Your dad? I cant take pic everytime i run coz it's impossible to run with the camera.
Wa, seems tat you are quite happy, at night eat so much delicious food. >.<

Kuntong said...

thank u, TSP. =)

Chobits, 3km charity run nia.. no nid call u ba? haha *Chobits only take part in Malaysia big race Adidas Run n etc..haha*
yup, my dad take d pics for me... he RUN wit his CAMERA since he gt his 1st digital camera..haha

Chobits said...

Who said i only took part in big race? I also took part in small race like "Larian Bersama Bomba". All marathon also relate to charity de la~ ^^ Any run i also interested. Wa~ Run with camera some more, i think your dad is a terrible runner, geng!