Sunday, July 6, 2008

Genting Highland

Where: Genting Highland
When: 5th of July 2008
Who: My parents, sister, brother, aunt, cousins and me (14ppls)

not riding car tis time. we try sumthng different. ya, v go by bus. haha
RM65 per pax inclu Bus service frm Bkt Tinggi Klang to Genting and back, Skyway up and down, Outdoor Theme Park. the price is quite reasonable.

but, everytime u wan to play a game, u have to queue. so, wasted a lot of time. no much time to enjoy the game.
anyway, all of us was very happy and enjoy.


Middle finger???

900+ shoots frm my D40.
many rubbish pictures..sigh..lousy angle+lousy skill
anyway, quite satisfied with some shoots la...
lagipun, tis is my 1st outing with my Nikon D40.

The End.


Akira 思胜 said...

Not bad for the photos lor... Keep it up ya!

Kuntong said...

Thank u, Akira. =)

Kate Tay said...

the photos r so colourful.. i worked at genting for half year n i didn't even realise that the scence was so nice..

Chobits said...

The pictures are awesome!!
Very pro, hehe~ I gonna learn from you for FREEE next time, hehe~ >.< Can i can i? Kidding~ XP
Too bad you cant wake up but it's better to rest if you are not in good condition. Take care! Don't always sleep late.

Kuntong said...

Kate, ya, i edited it to more colourful. coz i wan to bring out the feeling of Joy and Fun. thanks for ur comment.
u didn realise coz u are WORKING thr. no much time to walk around i guess.. hehe

Kuntong said...

damn happy to hear tat. cnt sleep 2nite..hahaha
no pro la actually..still learning also.
if i got the quality to teach sum1, ya, i will teach u free for sure. hehe

ya, really tired tis morning. only slp 3hrs+ after cm bck frm Genting.
nvm, c u in Adidas run! =)

BeverLy's Secret said...

I think you have a great sense of capturing memories with nice angle!! Good Job~~

Kuntong said...

thank u, Beverly. =)

Anonymous said...

David you take beautiful photos!


eunice said...

Wow you have captured Genting really well! The photos are so strikingly colourful! I have not been to Genting for many years... hmm, nice to see the photos :D


K3ViN said...

the picture really nice what... maybe tat ur 1st time use tat camera... is like tat one lor.. after few time sure u used 2 it lor :P

Kuntong said...

Miss Haza, thanks for visit my blog again and the comment. =)

thanks Eunice & Kevin too..