Sunday, May 3, 2009

Who am I ?

It is lame right? =P
Anyway, it is my 'new' handphone. XD
Actually, this is the first handphone i bought in my life.
I bought it when I am still in Form5. That moment I have no much money, my pocket money only 2bucks per day. But I still manage to buy this phone that moment becoz I borrow money from my sister. Muahahahaha. It is RM1000+ if I am not mistaken. I hide this for 1 week only my parents found out I bought a handphone.
My uncle send it to repair yesterday. Only RM25.
Finally I have handphone to use now.
Without handphone I am so suffer. I duno the time, I can't wake up without the alarm, I can't snap pic when my camera not with me, I can't text my love 1, I can't call my love 1.
Nvm, everything is over.
I will try my best to protect my phone.
I hate conman. Fcuking hate.
It is 6.15am now. Why I still blogging? damn!


Akira 思胜 said...

Take care of yourself and dont get cheat next time...

kimhaur said...


Qoo said...


我早上7点才入睡 ==

fufu said...

因爲害沒有錢買新的 =)

Josephine said...

wish u good luck!
maybe u will win a new handphone from some contests or lucky draw!
Or found a hand phone when u take LRT or bus. Or maybe on the walk home also will accidentally "jab dou" new handphone...

Kuntong said...

Josephine, hahaha..i never think about tat. thx..

Thanks everyone. =)

raine said...

take k.. 要相信,好人有好报,恶人自有天收..或许他还有那些同党的晚年都不会好过..或是他们的孩子有样学样的时候,他们就会悔不当初了..

Calvin Foo said...

Thank goodness you only lost a handphone. consider you dropped in toilet bowl and time to upgrade.

if what you lost is your Nikon D80, then lagi tua-tiao.