Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mountain Kota Kinabalu Part 2

Hai.. My CPU is back, so I am back also la... lalalalala~
Ok, lets continue with the Mountain Kota Kinabalu post.
Actually leh... I never been there. I have no money go there also.
But my Nikon D40 went there last month. Why? My daddy brought him there lo... Envy him la... T.T
So, those nice photos in KK is taken by my dad. My dad also very pro in photoshooting 1 u know? Hahahahaha...
Hopefully I can go Mountain KK someday with my dad. He have many experience in mountain hiking.
Gunuang Nuang, Gunung Ledang, Gunung Tahan, Gunung Kota Kinabalu and duno whatelse Gunung la... He been on the top of all these mountain before... Me leh...? Satu pun takda.. Hahahahaha
Oh ya~ My dad is 52 years old this year. ^^


Florence said...

ur dad although is 52 yrs old alrdy but his heart stil so young ! gooooooD! :D

fufu said...

bingo!!! any present for me??
you should go to mt. kinabalu yourself, bet you would like the view there... so awesome =p i still miss kk very much