Saturday, May 2, 2009

Handphone Conman in Sg.Wang!!! I just get conned!

29th April 2009,
A guy (016XXX ) called me, his name also DAVID and he said he need a photographer for 3 different event. And the budget for this 3 events is RM8000.I refused, and told him to look for better photographer. He said nvm, and ask me to give it a try. He asked me to bring some of my photographs and meet him, his wife and another friend at Berjaya Time Square 2.30pm. He gave me another ph number (019XXX). He said (016XXX) is his wife's number, (019XXX) is his number.

When I am in the Monorail to Imbi (Time Square), the (016XXX) call me again. It is very noisy in the Monorail, but I can hear there is a girl in the phone. She said she is David's wife. I told her I will be there in 10minutes. When i reach Time Square, I call (016XXX), nobody answer. I called for about 20 times, and still the same. Then i remember there is another number- (019XXX) . So, i call it. But, the number is out of service.

After a few minutes, a unknown number call me (03XXX), he said he is David. And his phone have no battery, thats why i can't get him. He said I am late, and now he already in Sg.Wang's KFC. He ask me what I wearing and will meet me in Sg.Wang's KFC. When I reached Sg.Wang's KFC, a guy around 50 asked is it I am David Goh, I replied yes and we shacked hand. He walked to the Sg.Wang's main stage. Maxis having their event there. He told me he is the event organiser. I saw him talk to a promoter there.

After that we walked to U-Cafe in Sg.Wang also. He told me the Maxis promoter is his niece. He know I am not working now. He ask me to write down my name and IC, he said he can help me to get a job as Maxis promoter. After that he asked me to call his wife (016XXX), i called twice, nobody answer. An then his wife (016XXX) called my phone (Sony Ericson K810i). I didn't answer and straight away pass to David. I can hear David asked why she is so late.....Then David told me his wife is jz outside and duno how to come over here (still in phone) and he is going to bring his wife here. I worry he will go away with my handphone, but i saw his CD and an envelope still on the table, I believe he will come back.

Waited for 15mins, the U-cafe supervisor said thr is a call looking for me. I answered, David is in the phone and he asked me to go over Time Square's Dome. He said his wife know the way to Times Square only. After hang-up the phone, i asked the Supervisor why the fella knew this restaurant's ph number. He answered don't know. And he asked me to becareful, becoz the David came to this restaurant yesterday with a Malay guy and left a CD on table also. That moment I knew my handphone is GONE.

I cant do anythng, I ran to the Maxis booth and asked that girl is she knw the guy (david), she said NO. Well, I ran back to Time Square in rain, I found out Dome already closed down no long ago. Damn, Game Over. I borrow handphone from some1 to call my phone. The fella off it. So, I went Digi Centre in Times Square to block my number immediately and get a new SIM Card.

Maybe it sound stupid. Yes, it really happened on me. Before this I read about this kind of case also, but my case it different. It is well planned. He make me believe he is a big boss, a good guy and put the CD and envelope on table to make me believe he will come back. But I am wrong.

I am sorry with my broken English. I just wan to let all of u know about this. Beware!! Please read (my blog) for more details in chinese about this. Send this to ur family, relatives, friends or colleague. Beware of this.Thanks.

David Goh


Hon Mun said...

lucky he din con ur camera.. remember his face, maybe he will find the next victim at

clive said...

this case still happen, last time was happen into a lot marketing and sorry for this case.

KwOnG FeI said...

hm.. dis is saddening..
its an experience of a lifetime..
anyway, u have ur new phone..
so, u must be grateful to God for his kindness..