Sunday, June 1, 2008

Li Yun's 21st Birthday

31st of May 2008
It is Li Yun birthday. she invited my family to her birthday party (coz we are neighbour. haha)
before go thr, i give her a phone call ask whether she need me to bring my camera to shoot for her or not. (actually i wan to shoot more and learn to improve my skill) she very happy with my offer. haha
i brought my camera thr. so shy! omg!
1st time shooting for some1 tat not so close (normally i jz shoot for family)
after eat. i start walking around.
im sweating! coz im nervous! i duno wat to shoot, and so on.
but after a while, i started shoot and shoot and shoot. i keep telling myself to shoot anything, and dun care the result. lol
anyway, i managed to shoot 180+ pics tat night. but the outcome really really bad. killed 10pcs of AA battery! gosh! tis cam need lot of power ! how can i tahan???
1. My skill too poor, cant get the right angle
2. Night is really hard to take pics. its took dark
3. I think a DSLR with Flash only can manage to get good photo at night

anyway, here is some of the pics.


S.Manoj kumar. said...

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Akira 思胜 said...

Nice photos wat~
Great shot!

Kuntong said...

thanks, Akira!
but it still no good enough for me.. not the standard i wan..