Sunday, June 1, 2008

Botanic Garden shooting

ok. talk about Saturday. im busy to shooting tat day.
Morning, have an outing with my private "model" . haha
Night, shooting for my friend's birthday party.
My new gf (camera) really killed many of AA battery tat day. even the Rechargeable AA battery also cnt tahan. sigh

After fetch my "model" frm Kajang, we went to Botanic Garden, Klang to try out our new camera.
Im using my new gf- Kodak Z 712 IS (super zoom digital camera) *cheap camera nia*
While she is using her new bought 10megapixels Kodak Camera.

Here is some of the outcome (my camera)
My "model" of the day. haha

She is camwhoring again!

The End


Charles Key said...

The first one is OMGly superb!nice shot, nice color, nice composition.

Kuntong said...

i LOVE ur comment! haha
Thanks dude!

Charles Key said...

no prob, it caught my attention ma the photo..

Evon T. said...

your gf? hohoho