Monday, April 21, 2008

BTFC 9-3 Raja Lumu's boys

well.. have a friendly match with Raja Lumu's boys tis early morning.
many week didn play ftball im reserve (for the 1st time. haha) with Shangzun (a bit injured) and Little 'Ah Hock'
My team leading 6-0 after first half finish. haha.. so geng
i play in the second half. managed to score 2 goals. weeee~ ^^
bcoz of d stupid field.. i got injured.. damn unlucky
finally, v win 9-3
Lhy, Shangzun, 'Owen', and me scored 2 goals, and y.sum scored 1.
4 friendly match for BTFC in 2008, we never lose yet. big clap for all of us.. lolx

BTFC in action..

My Gangz - BTFCKel ming with his sexy legs. XDYong Sum so tired. @.@

The End

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Shiveeleaves said...

wasai,your team sapu people,still wan bluff me say you noob pulak.