Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Cheng Beng 2008

ok...it is Cheng Beng yesterday
went to pray my 'grandgrandparents' (hahaha..lolx) and my grandparents.
ysrterday got sooooooooooooooooo many ppl thr...
Jam like hell again...
v went out at 6.30am and v reach home at 5.30pm.
almost half a day..
crazy jam..stupid jam..
no no! should be Stupid, bastard, useless, brain-less & rude driver made d situation become worst.
tats y jam like tat.
also sum bad control by RELA & Police.
a 8hrs jam on tat day, i only saw FOUR polices..
only 1 of them r working, d rest jz sit aside n chit-chatting! wtF man! Polis tak guna! gv a DAMN on u! Bodoh sial~!
ooops.. sorry for my rude-ness.. really get fed up v those malay pigs! im not racism, but reality, thr r malays..haha


Adrian said...

was working throughout the day, but indeed morning traffic jam like hell xD

anyway, ur cheng beng pics so yeng
feel like field trip if no click for bigger pic ^^

Kuntong said...

thanks ..=)