Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dun watch!

reach Aeon Bkt Tinggi at 9.30pm
we r late for our 'xiu long bao & shanghai la mian'
so, KFC again. sien

Ah Long Pte Ltd full house again.
d rest oso almost full edi, coz 2moro r public holiday. lotz of ppl out for movie.
so, choosen a lame movie- Be Kind Rewind.
it is totally suckz & lame!
wasted my RM10 & 105mins of my life. damn it!
for those who r planning to watch tis movie, plz cancel! (i thnk no 1 planning for tis movie ba.. hahax)

wat a bored nitez...
any plan 2moro??? ...SIEN!

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