Friday, March 21, 2008

Buffet Steamboat

go to YUEN Buffet Steamboat in Sunway today with my supervisor- Ah Lye & also my colleague- Healty.

YUEN Buffet Steamboat oso visited by d tv show- Ho Chak!
the restaurant hv 3 floors man!
v reach thr at 5.45pm
n d crowd become more n more n more by the time...

d restaurant's special is d Grilled Chicken Wings
everytime d chicken wings rch, it wil be kena sapu habis-habis by d customers in 10 seconds! Ya, 10 seconds!!
luckily i managed to get d chicken wing twice.. ^^

d chicken wing r sooooo juicy n tasty man! should hv a try whn u r thr! =)
P/S: get ready all d time 2 get d chicken wings. hahax

v leave thr at 7.30pm
Ah Lye treat us.. haha.. thankzzzz
whn v jz steped out of d shop.. goshhhhh.. itz around 50ppls r waiting for their turn to enter d restaurant!!!
walao... really so famous meh..XD
seriously.. d chicken wing are really nice. n got lotz of food for us to eat.
muz try .. muz try.. =)


Otaku.Kit said...

walaooo ~ so nicee ~

Kuntong said...

nice leh... haha
muz go again nxt time