Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Wedding Day

Hmmmm... This is the FIRST time i shoot a wedding ceremony.
Its tired & tough.
Anyway, i enjoyed it!
Tq so much to the bride (my colleague) for giving me the chance to shoot their wedding.
I didnt charge them satu sen pun. They want to give me ang pau for many times. i keep refuse to take it. haha

16th Nov, i shoot the wedding dinner for the bride.
23rd Nov, i shoot their wedding ceremony & wedding dinner for the groom.

For the bride side wedding dinner, most of my photos are underexposed..too bad so bad!!!!

Ok, the wedding day. I woke up 6 in the morning. Drive for 30mins to bride's house in Jenjarom. Then 9am+ , the groom came. Then i follow them to Malacca! yea, Malacca! Very far right?
After shoot in the groom house, then have a 1 hour nap in Mahkota Hotel. Continue shooting their wedding dinner after that.
It is so damn exhausted. Coz i reach home 1am+ , somemore have to wake up on 6am to go working.

Wedding photographer is not a easy job as u guys think.
Never try, never know! hahahaha
Not just cincai cincai shooting only ok?
After that somemore have to review & edit the photos.

But, it is fun anyway. A good experience for me in wedding field.
I hope more chance coming since Nov & Dec many couple get marry due to school holiday.

Anyone got friends or relative get marry or not?
Hire me cheap nia.... LOL


Akira 思胜 said...

Wow, nice photos wor!

CHloe said...

Hahaha,ok ok~!
wait for ur wedding,I help u to take photo~cheap cheap than u 1~hehexx*.*~or free oso can la~!^^

David Cheong said...

Never use flash? Would be nicer if a flashgun was used haha! but not bad, nice =)

ET女子 said...

may i know wat lense u use?
for protrait 50 1.8 is better i thk.
anyway, nice photo u caught~

Kuntong said...

Akira, TQ!

Chloe, tat time u already forgot me la...haha

David Cheong,i only attached the flashgun on my D40. D70 no flash. but im suck to control a flashgun..still learning. anyway, THANKS. =)

ET Girl, D40+18-70mm & D70+50mm f1.8. TQ

Edward said...

ok la! wa wa FOC, then ur fren (Adrian) will be jobless lioa. haha

Kuntong said...

Edward, wont la...dia PRO 1..i juz help my colleague coz she hv no any photographer ma...

JeromeFo 令狐冲 said...

Very pretty your colleague =)

Adrian said...

ur 1st time already not bad liao...

i really will jobless if u FOC for ppl xD

Kuntong said...

Adrian,dun say like this la sifu. v are not the same level ok. u are pro, i only can help ppl take photos nia..all snapshots.. haha