Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Im Back

1....2....3.........hmmmm...already 16days didn update my blog.
more than 2 weeks. Not my style right? haha
Im fine. Dun worry.
Im touched when i knew 1 of my blog's regular reader add up my msn to chat with me to make sure im fine. hehehe
Thanks, Edward!

Didnt update my blog because took my colleague's wedding photo. It is damn so tired!
And last week the stupid streamyx cnt get connected.
And busy with my job also. Too tired and lazy to update my blog.
Nvm, im back now.
Will update more often.
Hopefully those regular reader will come back often. hehe

Ok. Here is some Jump Jump photos during the Port Dickson Camp few weeks ago.

and.....i just sold my 3rd wife- Nikon D70.

new wife coming soon. just MAYBE la..haha


CHloe said...

U back!!
walao,damn miss u leh!(hehe,jk)

Kuntong said...

ceh...jk only meh?

Akira 思胜 said...

Wow, nice jumping photos neh! I love it...

Welcome back ya!!!

- Stephanie - said...

3rd DSLR using right now and 4th one coming soon O_o... gosh..
I havent even got my first DSLR yet T__T

Chobits said...

Welcome back, though i also missing for a very long time haha~
Nice pictures. All so active and happy, it cheer me. ^^

edward said...

wow! the jumping shoot is hinger than Ah Kok that i vote for him in the past. Haha lastly update ur blog!