Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Balance 12km Run @ Sultan Sulaiman Stadium Klang

Event: New Balance Klang Pacers 12km Run
Location: Sultan Sulaiman Stadium @ Klang
Time: 6am-10am * 12th Oct 2008

ringgg~ ringggggg~
house phone awake me. tat is my dad. haha
he already go out for this run, he jz call me to make sure i wake up and turn up in this race. hahahahaha
it is already 6.10am .after brush my teeth i put my contact lens on, wear the New Balance running vest, bring my shoes and rush to Stadium Klang. taking part in this 12km run organise by Klang Pacer Athletic Club .im not training at all for this race coz too busy with my job. summore im getting fatter. lol
i wonder i can finish tis run without walking or not.
my last race at here was 10km. i completed it in 1hr and 11mins.
but tis race 12km. 2km further. mati far...

i start the race with my own pace. ya, it is damn slow.
whn reach km2, a tall indian old man overtook me. i feel tat his pace is good and comfortable for me. so, i just follow his pace.
at km5, Uncle Sonny frm PACM with his friends overtook us. the indian uncle try to follow their pace. OMG. have to run faster... luckily, i still can follow their pace. run with all this uncle vry good la..they always maintain their pace and speed. without run with them, i thnk i will slower. ya, pacer is good during a run!

After km9 and collected our ribbon, im too tired to go with their pace. the indian guy also slowing down. Uncle Sonny went infront and the indian uncle jst behind me a bit. the weather is hot somemore.
My legs keep telling me to stop and walk. Luckily, my mental is strong enough to push myself to keep running without stop.

At the last 400meters, the old indian guy overtook me. im out of energy. cnt follow him and chase back anymore.
Finally, i crossed the finishing line in 1 hour 16mins and 13secs!
clap~ clap~ clap~ for myself.
average 6mins 21secs per km is GOOD enough for me now!
2km extra frm previous run, but just 5mins slower.
That means im running faster this time. hahahaha.. well done. i really cnt believe i can running non-stop sinced im not training at all for tis run.
im borned to be a long distance JOGGER. LOL

my dad completed the run in 1hr and 03mins. he got blister on both legs. poor man~

Running a long distance is not a simple thing as u think.
Try to run and u will know how tough is it!
It challenge ur mentality, stamina and a lots more.

Im going to Mizuno run in KL nxt Sunday if thr is any number available for me. coz i didn register. haha

Chobits, u going Mizuno Run or not???

This is Veteran Category (age 40-50) . The ang-mou can run faster then our national runner. Hebat betul!
Our National Triathlete- Shahrom are wearing this shirt. Cool right?

My Finishing Medal. =)


Akira 思胜 said...

Wow, you are really good in running!!!!!! Salute u!!!

zulhassan said...

congrat, i miss the race this time. motor got puncit liao.

Kuntong said...

Akira, need salute me bro. still a lot runner faster thn me.
im jz a jogger, not runner.. hahahahahahaha

Zulhassan, thanks. sigh..wat a bad luck for u

Edward said...

Congratulation!!!!! U r reach ur point at the end.

Chobits said...

Congratulations!! So geng ar! I want to compete with you one day haha~ But unfortunately i didnt go for Mizuno run because my friends said it's too expensive..sob..=.=" If got cheaper run tell me ya. ^^

Kuntong said...

Edward, TQ.

Chobits, come la..i wait u.. =P
ya..Mizuno RM30 i thnk.. tis new balance 12km also rm30 ma... but got a New Balance running vest worth around rm40. haha

Jasonlet said...

Grat kun... i wonder whether could i join also? i dun have good stamina but just want to get life experience.... XD dont mind i link u?

Anonymous said...

wow. seriously you can run la.. hahaha I run 12 rounds around my school field before once and i ended up as a tomato =.=' haha I don't have the stamina. haha congratulations to you. the medal shape is so cute, shirt shape huh. hahaha

Kuntong said...

Jasonlet, sure u can join.. will inform u if any road race around. =)

Josephine, hahahahaha..i ended up as a
yup..the medal is nice..

K3ViN said...

aleast u finish the running lor.......