Thursday, April 9, 2009

MSSD Klang Football Match (U15)- Part2

Today, kang, shangzun, Yik, n me go to see Ji Shen again. His school in quarter final.
sadly, his school lost 1-2.
So, they are out.
Nothing else...Just some photos to share..

PBSM: aiks, u orang berat la.. ah kak takda energy, u orang bawak sendiri.
wakakakakakakaThey are lost..


Akira 思胜 said...

Some are happy, some are sad ler... XD

Kai and Baobei said...

sure u happy loh, looking ppl cry, but still enjoy taking pictures, hahahahaha ! X)

fufu said...

nice!! i wanna take such photos next time also... guess you are now at pc fair right? got anything cheap?

Qoo said...

可惜我讨厌踢球员的种族 ==

Kuntong said...

Kai, Photog ini macam de ma..=P

fufu,ya..jz cm bck.. many thng cheap gua.. 250GB HDD only rm188.

Qoo, u so bad.. i also ply ftball de leh.. =(

Ning said...

the dialog of the 1st aider so funy la =D *kak takda energy* muahahah xD

Sammuel_Chan said...

the colour was different
but it's good, u capture the emotion of the game! :D