Thursday, March 26, 2009

Product Shoot?

The box very cacat right?
Itu panggil D.I.Y lightbox.
D.I.Y = Do It Yourself.
So, dont complain banyak-banyak heh... =P
So, the outcome ini macam.
First timer macam ni no bad liao ba....?
Still can improve, dun worry. XD
FeiFei, thanx for the info to make the lightbox yea. =)


feifei said...

good try good try....try to find a bigger box and try....cuz urs bit too small....try to use 3light source...1 top then 2 front side...can use table lamp as the light source....anyway welcome

Qoo said...


Sakura Lai said...

hey,sorry 4 reply bout the 'mv' de thing.
the song will be choose by me but the rest(pic,model...) will done by u.
and the photo mug is very nice but cheap a bit a??
ppl like me cnt offer leh

Kai and Baobei said...

eh, din complain la!! whatever box u like to use ~ :P dont shoot in toilet bowl den ok liao :D

Josephine said...

I saw this before, but the size is kinda small rite?

Kuntong said...

feifei,wait..let me get a table lamp 1st. haha.. ehh...big size vry hard to store la... XD

Qoo, no bad gua..i din really try it.. u wan buy? =P

Sakura,sorry er..the mug's price cnt go less is market price.. u can share wit ur fren if no enuf money. =)

Kai,aiya........thinking to shoot in toilet bowl de leh... =P

Josephine,ya ..small.. small vry easy to keep ma...big 1 very mafan.. haha